Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Science Technology Minister WAN Gang Inspect Beidou Digital Ranch Project Base

Release time:2015-07-28

Jul. 28, 2015
          On Jul. 28, vice chairman of CPPCC, science technology minister WAN Gang inspected Beidou Digital 
Ranch base in wisdom prairie of Hangjinqi, Ordos City. 
          Company researched and developed China’s first satellite grazing system. Perform the information 
monitoring, stocking and management of herd through the Beidou satellite system. In 2013, satellite grazing 
techniques began to be applied among natural free-range cattle in Kubuqi Desert and Ordos’s first agric-
ultural product traceability system was established. “Beidou Digital Ranch” was developed based on Beidou 
navigation and positioning services and UAV cruise grazing, with Beidou products replacing GPS devices. 
With Beidou technology as the guide, combining many new technologies, like low power wireless networking 
technology, UAV technology, and big data mining and analysis, this system realizes the protection of ecolog-
ical environment of prairie and natural resource monitoring, thus attracting much attention of news media at 
home and abroad.

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