The First Digital Ranch Project Land in Hangjinqi Inner Mongolia

Release time:2014-09-20

Sep. 20, 2014

          Recently, Shanghai InfoTM Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Hangjinqi government and China Aerospace Science
& Technology Corporation have signed Beidou digital ranch strategic cooperation agreement, marking the first
digital ranch project landing in Hangjinqi Inner Mongolia.
          Hangjinqi provides project sites and other basic conditions. Meanwhile, Shanghai InfoTM Microelectronics 
Co., Ltd. and China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation offer talents and technologies. This digital 
ranch project shall be promoted in a cooperated manner. The first half of 2015 the first phase of the dem-
onstration project shall be completed. In this project, Beidou positioning system, terminals, unmanned aerial 
vehicle and flight control system provided by Shanghai InfoTM Microelectronics Co., Ltd. shall be comprehe-
nsively application previewed in Kubuqi Desert.
          Project strategic objectives are solving herd monitoring in No Man’s Land by using information tech-
nology,like Beidou location based service, Beidou data transmission, UAV, real domain sensor network. After 
the project is completed, managers can master herd location via a smartphone or a broadband network any-
time anywhere. And they can monitor and control herd dynamics through the UAV. At the same time, there
will be timely monitoring of No Man’s Land natural ecological environment and rare wild animals, thus prom-
sustainable and healthy ecological development.

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